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Redistricting TorontoMLS

On July 5, 2011 a major objective was reached: the replacement of our old MLS® districts with easier to understand Community names.  Not only did the district names not make sense to my clients, I couldn’t use them to accurately target what my clients wanted.   It was almost impossible to target a search in our MLS® system to a specific neighbourhood which meant that many of my search results were not what my client was after.   Redistricting has solved these problems, by replacing the code numbers with true geographic areas, giving my searches greater clarity and a tighter focus.

Community, or neighbourhood names, replaced the districts. Their names and their boundaries were provided by government bodies with REALTOR® input. In this way, the names make sense to the people who live in the area and REALTORS® who work in the field.

A Sample Search

The three‐tiered system starts with an Area or what we often call a region. Areas break‐down into Municipalities, and they in‐turn, sub‐divide into Community or neighbourhood names. For example, if you select Durham Region, you then have the opportunity to select the many municipalities in Durham. In this example, we are searching Whitby. You can select multiple municipalities for a wider search, for example Whitby and Ajax. In this example we want to be more specific.

If you want to delve deeper than the municipal level, you can select one or more of its communities or neighbourhoods. In this example, we are selecting the neighbourhood of Williamsburg. That gives our search far more accuracy than selecting E15.

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