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Alliance Homes Beeton Country Homes Village

March 21, 2013

West Country recent email with proposed Beeton site plan.

West Country Beeton Site Plan

West Country Beeton March email


January 21, 2013

This sign on the building site went up in December 2012.


My Country West Beeton New Homes Houses Billboard


Posted November 8, 2012

Register to stay informed about News and Developments from Alliance Homes West Country Homes in the Village of Beeton.

Land Survey of the Development on the West side of Beeton.

Proposed subdivions breakdown:

  • 63 single detached with 33 ft lots
  • 67 single detached with 40 ft lots
  • 30 single detached with 45 ft lots
  • 2 park land blocks
  • 3.5 hectares for future development


Beeton Alliance Homes West Country survey

Posted February 22, 2012

Native history unearthed

Pictured above is the Google Earth view of the Alliance Homes property which is slated to be developed into 160 unit subdivision. As part of the process, the archeological component has turned up relics that could be several hundred years old in the north and south west portions of the land. The proponent, Alex Troop, is now pursing the idea of preserving the sites as future interactive parks.

Troop eyes parks to preserve, showcase discovery of First Nation relics

Indian relics that could be several hundred years old and evidence of First Nations activity in the Beeton area have been discovered as part of the archeological assessment process that the proposed 160 single family homes Alliance Homes 'West Country' subdivision between Main Street and Lilly, west of Dayfoot, must comply with prior to development.

Because of the find, a Stage 3, site specific assessment was triggered, which according to the Provincial policy, "The consultant archaeologist accurately determines the size of the archaeological site, evaluates its cultural heritage value or interest and, where necessary, makes recommendations for Stage 4 mitigation strategies," which is what Alliance Homes' Alex Troop now finds himself dealing with.

Mr. Troop met with New Tecumseth planning staff yesterday to discuss the idea of preserving the subject sites as interactive parks and said he found an interested audience. It's part of the proposal that must be submitted to the Province as to how the sites and or the relics will be preserved.

"The Town supports this type of educational and interpretive Park and sees the cultural benefit to the community," wrote Mr. Troop to Free Press Online in an email reply for this story. "We now have to reflect the proposal in the Stage 3 report and get (support) from the Province. The creation of these parks would not cost the Town any additional money."

Provincial policy dictates that "development and site alteration shall only be permitted on lands containing archaeological resources or areas of archaeological potential if the significant archaeological resources have been conserved by removal and documentation, or by preservation on site. Where significant archaeological resources must be preserved on site, only development and site alteration which maintain the heritage integrity of the site will be permitted."

Daniel Boucher, a resident of Beeton, has also expressed his interest in the findings, going so far as to write the Town, imploring that the sites be preserved, and to ensure that the artificats are kept in the community.

"I understand that they have discovered some artifacts, possible human remains and they are at the first or second stage of the excavation. It maybe be evidence of a camp but it is uncertain at this stage," Mr. Boucher told Free Press Online in an email reply for this story. "Back in the 70's, a similar project occurred south of Beeton. An encampment was found with small palisade village most likely date pre 1500 to early  contact with Europeans; Many artifacts such as sherds, beads, Ceramics, arrow points were discovered and taken to (University of Toronto)."

As for impacts on the development itself, which includes more than 17 hectares of open space, and a future commercial block closer to Main Street, Mr. Troop expects "there will be small changes to the plan that do not affect the road pattern and some zoning changes as well. These will not be considered until we receive feed back from the Province."

The subdivision is part of the Beeton Secondary Plan, which provides for about 900 new housing units, doubling the population by 2031.

Source: New Tecumseth Free Press Online -

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